Our partners

Together for integration and innovation

Edenred has been making everyday life easier for over 40 years with innovations that contribute to the well-being of people and the productivity of businesses. From inventors of the meal voucher, they have now become world leaders in solutions that innovate and simplify the world of work: from corporate welfare to Fuel Cards to Public Social Programs.

ProGlove is a Germanch engineering company that creates the world’s lightest, smallest and most durable smart wearable devices for Industry 4.0. ProGlove’s mission is to enable the worker as the driving force of the production cycle within Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Nexi, with its XPay payment gateway, works to accept online payments through all channels and with more modalities. DigitelematicaTM has integrated Nexi within its systems, making possible for its customers to adopt different types of payments.. XPay is a secure and reliable payment method adapted to 3D Secure 2.0 protocols.

Pimcore, a leader among PIM/DAM softwares, has been integrated by DigitelematicaTM in several projects for the centralization and integration of product information in a single repository. This has made possible the management of product and image master data by developing on its own flexible structure many plugins and integrating external data flows.

TESISQUARE® is a technology partner specialized in the design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems, designed to enhance the interaction processes of the multiple touchpoints and actors of the extended value chain of modern unified retail: manufacturer, distributor, consumer and other stakeholders.

Zebra, provides our customers with cutting-edge products, software, services and analytics tools for a smart connection with people, resources and data. With decades of industry experience, Zebra designs their products with users and work environments as protagonists.

Erredi is a company with twenty years of experience in the field of transport logistics and a consolidated know-how on the issues of warehouse optimization. Erredi supports us for the calculation of the best route for our clients who manage home delivery. MarketSuite is completely interfaced with the TMS systems of Erredi.

Moveleg synergistically combines autonomous handling and movement with human skills in the world of service contracting. The partnership with Movelog stems from the desire to integrate new technologies into traditional logistics processes. Together we have realized some proof of concepts of how the activity of picking and delivery will be in the near future.

MailUp offers marketing automation functions to promote its products and reach its customers with multi-channel campaigns, from the first contact to the post-sales phase. DigitelematicaTM has integrated the solution to its systems for sending transactional emails related to the purchase process (shopping, reminder collection, cart pick-up and more).

SenseCatch uses Eye Tracker technology to analyze visual pathways that combined with biometric signals and in-depth interviews are able to offer a complete view of a website or a management system usability, satisfaction levels and finally, communication effectiveness of a packaging or store experience.

LM Networks Srl has been operating in the Linux and Unix-like systems industry for over 15 years, offering consulting, development and technical support services. Through continuous investment in the study and adoption of new tools and methodologies, LM Networks adopts the DevOps philosophy, to create simple and elegant solutions in continuous evolution.

StrongPoint offers integrated technology solutions that increase productivity and enhance the shopping experience. Specifically, StrongPoint interfaces its locker solution with Digitelematica’s MarketSuite. The Self-shopping experience provides for three temperature zones: environment, refrigerated and frozen, which can be reached by users 24/7.

Freshdesk is the cloud-based multi-channel helpdesk solution designed for customer care management. Mail, Phone, Social, Live Chat and more, converting each of their messages into a manageable ticket in a single interface, allowing our customers to have a comprehensive and cutting-edge support service.

KFI, a leader in the implementation of integrated solutions for the traceability and management of all phases of the supply chain, helps Digitelematicato to select devices for the collection of goods during the picking phase. KFI also provides voice support for Digitelematica solutions.