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DigitelematicaTM Company history

Our story began in 2004 with the Lombardini Group and, one of the first e-commerce projects in Italy, and ultimately, with a decentralization process.

We had a single warehouse/dark store in Cologno Monzese through which we provided our services for Turin, Brescia and Bergamo. We developed a software that enabled the picking even at the point of sale. However, this type of market strategy was too young and suffered a setback in 2008.

The year of 2013 was the beginning of a new chapter for us, thanks to innovative ideas and motivated young engineers who joined our team. Since our comeback, we’ve had the chance to work for leaders in the food retail market, such as Tigros, Iperal, Basko and Poli of the Agorà Group who trusted our philosophy and other clients who joined in on this challenge with us over the years, such as Alì Supermarket. Recently, our system has been integrated with new features that will serve in-store with the Self-Scanning systems.

Since 2019 our company has joined the Engineering Group, consolidating the significant growth we experienced in recent years. We entered the Group with 26 employees, today we are almost 50.

Photo: One of our first stores in Liscate (February 2005)

Our Core Business

The core business of DigitelematicaTM has always been the large-scale distribution (MMR). Initially, we worked closely together with the Lombardini Group both for e-commerce projects and for all the logistics processes within the company, such as the reimbursement  of delivery notes for depalletizing. In the same way, we managed the first intranet of the group and curated some applications for the evaluation of in-store productivity.

We have been working in this sector since 2004 and we have a detailed knowledge not only of the ICT related section, but also of all operating processes.

Through new projects we developed for our clients over the years, we acquired more and more knowledge of our processes. Since 2013 we have focused mainly on processes typical of the e-commerce sector, particularly for the execution of orders in a faster technology for picking in dark stores, the automated warehouse and the physical stores. Another process is the management of order distribution with channels such as Drive mode, through which customers can collect their orders at the store or through the locker method, where orders are picked-up inside refrigerated systems where the shopping orders are stored or finally, through the classic delivery method at home. 

Recently, we developed a Self-Scanning system through which it is possible to shop in autonomy by scanning the barcode of the products. This method allows customers to scan their chosen items by themselves while picking and check the total amount as they shop,  making the check-out faster. This system has helped us to engage more with an in-store experience, using all the information that we already possessed from e-commerce, so that all the iconographic heritage, photographs, extended descriptions, nutritional information that we shared with our clients over the years could ensure to better manage the online shopping experience.

Our team

Our ever-growing team includes Software engineering graduates and undergraduates, some of whom have also been engaged in collaborations with Politecnico of Milano as Lab Managers.

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