Personnel and attendance management

DrKnow is a DigitelematicaTM software dedicated to human resources. Its purpose is to facilitate companies that hire external or part-time staff, as well as for companies that delegate tasks to other specialists. This tool can be a benefit for companies distributed throughout the territory (stores, warehouses, logistics, etc.) with centralized functions (management, planning and control, administration, etc.).

User features

  • Human Resources planning
  • Recording of working hours 
  • Charging costs 
  • Productivity control 

Target audience 

  • Companies that employ external personnel (cooperatives, temporary workers, etc.) coordinated by company employees. 
  • Companies that outsource services to specialized companies (warehouse management, porterage, logistics, etc.) 
  • Companies that employ part time staff (e.g. cashiers, receptionists, etc.)

How does it work? 

  • Access from browser-enabled devices (laptops, notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, etc.) 
  • User profile management
  • Workforce registry (personnel and collaborators)
  • Table and parameters management 
  • Human resources planning (single location, departement)
  • Operational planning (weekly and daily coverage, shifts, part time, etc.) 
  • Recording and monitoring of working hours (working sheets, attendance detector) 
  • Contracts management 
  • Charge labor costs (store and department, division, etc.) 
  • Cost analysis (budget, final balance, offset) 
  • Productivity analysis (costs of the period compared to the sales target)
  • Work flow
  • Document tracking 
  • Mailing system (template and mailing list)
  • Back-office (interface with management systems)
  • Print monthly balance (personnel, collaborators)
  • Multi-level summaries (store, division, administration, etc.)
  • OLAP analysis 

Employed technology

  • Application server: Jboss
  • DBMS: Posgres sql – Oracle – MySql – SQL server
  • Framework: DigiFramework – Hybernate – JSF – RichFaces
  • Language: Java – J2EE

A practical application: our products for the management of the personnel from MD LD Market

Note: this document is for informational purposes only. Product specifications are subject to change.

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