Our Philosophy

The Teal model as a development goal

Curiosity for the new and an attitude for innovation are in the DNA of Digitelematica. Our company is oriented to cutting-edge paradigms that predict future evolutions, like the Teal model.

The definition of “Teal organization” is by Frederic Laloux which, with the help of five different colours, outlines the evolution of human organizational phenomena in his Reinventing Organizations: An Illustrated Invitation to Join the Conversation on Next-Stage Organizations (published in 2014).

Organizational model outlined by Laloux: 

  1. Red: about 15.000 to 4.000 years ago. In this impulsive paradigm, the exercise of power is an end in itself. Fear is an important component within organizations.  
  2. Amber: about 4.000 to 400 anni years ago. This is a “conformist” paradigm, characterized by formalization and control, stable processes and defined hierarchies. 
  3. Orange: about 400 years ago. Task & result-oriented and a promoter of innovation, accountability and meritocracy, it’s the most popular model among companies.
  4. Green: about 30 years ago. This family-like paradigm is pluralistic and emphasizes empowerment and value-based cultures.
  5. Teal: about 4 years ago. This is the next stage of evolution, characterized by the full enhancement of human potential, already chosen by some pioneers. 

Organizzazioni TEAL

Being a Teal oriented company means: 

  • to promote advanced form of auto-management and auto-organization 
  • valuing people in their entirety (“wholeness”)
  • adopt a common/collective goal

For us, looking  at the Teal model as a winning paradigm for the future evolution of companies means the following points:

    • a responsible management of the resources  
    • greater flexibility for organizational members
    • sharing decisions 

These principles  are for the benefit of those who work for us and with us. 

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