Talos Facility Management

Management of support request for companies

Talos Facility Management is the web solution designed by DigitelematicaTM to manage assistance interventions, resources employed and service level. Talos Facility Management is a flexible system that can be customized according to the different needs of the reality in which it is used and that greatly facilitates internal project management. 

Enabled features

  • Technical assistance interventions management (ticketing) 
  • Contracts and SLA control (Service Level Agreement) 
  • Historical management of interventions (single asset and/or category)

How does it work?

  • Talos FM is aimed at users and managers of internal services within the company (ICT, general services etc.) 
  • It can be used by any device with a browser (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and can be integrated with specific applications (e.g. technical documentation, desktop management, etc.)

Main features 

  • ICT asset classification 
  • Locations and bank accounts management 
  • Management of maintenance contracts associated with the type of asset or individual asset
  • Asset level summary (intervention history) 
  • Hierarchical management of maintainer levels 
  • Ticket management (support requests, level of urgency, etc.)
  • Dispatching (intervention assignment)
  • Workflow monitoring 
  • Integrated messaging system 
  • Service level monitoring 
  • Service level feedback with SLA 
  • Cost charge 
  • Scheduled maintenance calendar, scheduler, reminder, etc. 
  • FQ&A (Frequent Questions & Answers)


  • Service cost: ticket cost and multi-level aggregation 
  • SLA evaluation report 
  • Operational report (open tickets and progress level) 
  • Management report 
  • Percentage of cover/closing ticket  
  • Average time for ticket activation 
  • Custom report with WYSIWYG editor 

Employed technology

  • Application server: Jboss
  • DBMS: Posgres sql – Oracle – MySql – SQL server
  • Framework: DigiFramework – Hybernate – JSF – RichFaces
  • Language: Java – J2EE

A successful case: Talos Ticketing for MD Market

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