Self-Scanning software for an optimized in-store shopping experience

BySelf includes all the features of Self-scan by the customer. The module performs better on mobile architecture, hence using the customer’s device (Android and iOS), rather than on mass architecture (Android Terminals), using scanning terminals available on the market.

User Features 

  • consulting of nutritional information and product characteristics; 
  • inclusion of a list for the collection of products and supervision of the best way for collecting the items at the store;

How does it work? 

  • Through the entrance unit, the system shows the availability of the service
  • Start shopping again or pre-populate with a previously saved list (reminder) of products. 
  • Scan of product barcodes or manual entry of the products with a specified quantity. 
  • Removal of the products. 
  • Conclusion of the shopping with three possible modalities:
    1. Cashier 
    2. Cash stand 
    3. Self-checkout 

BySelf has received ZEBRA validation

To successfully incorporate a new business solution into a company, it’s important to first verify that it works properly with existing IT systems.

Solution Validation ensures that every new Zebra solution is compatible and validated with existing systems and workflows. With an end-to-end integration service and functional testing provided directly by the market leader, Solution Validation guarantees that a project is ready to move to the operational phase.


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