Green initiatives for a better world

We are among the many companies that are taking action to reduce the carbon footprint!

Ecological sustainability is an important principle for Digitelematica strategic agenda. We believe that the commitment to environmental sustainability is a commitment to corporate sustainability, because a sustainable company is a company that works better.

Since we are located in newly constructed offices with maximum energy efficiency, we have taken some actions to improve our carbon footprint. 

Company Car

Like most companies, we have the need to travel for work. Since it’s not always possible for us to reach our clients by public transports, we decided to equip our employees with a company car. We have chosen a vehicle with low fuel consumption, perfect for moving between city traffic due to its fastness and smaller size. A car that can guarantee excellent performance and maximum safety for our employees.

Water bottle and dispenser

We believe that water is a public service, therefore it should be an accessible resource for everyone. To make this resolution, we decided to use reusable water bottles and provide all employees with personalized ones. In this way we achieved two great results: accessible water at all times and reduction of plastic waste.

Once finished, the water dispensers are picked up, reconditioned and refilled, while our garbage cans remain clear of disposable plastic bottles.

A new life for our old desks

Whether due to space or fashion, there always comes a time to change out old desks. However, once the new ones arrived, we didn’t feel like we could throw away the old ones. 

Therefore, we decided to reuse our old desks to make a playground for our kids. With this project, we gave the desks a new function, while having fun making unique pieces for the enjoyment of our kids.